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Monday, June 19, 2006

Me Not Dead

I've been slacking off in the Blogger department lately thanks to the science fiction series blog I've created on Wordpress and the fact that I'm collaborating with someone from Moldova with his own story blog with other genres. I've been quite the moody, angsty little shit this past few weeks too. Just reminding you that this blog of mine which I spawned during high school, isn't dead, just um... well, I'll get back with my little excuse/whatever you call it. I might as well update on Fragments too before everyone else from Arcane starts freaking out. I've been staying up until 10-11 pm these nights too watching Dark City, very cool :) Anyway, I'll post more (mind) drivel later.


Anonymous mick, one dead cat said...

S'okay to be moody, angsty...

There meself, and I don't have college to blame anymore. Must have forgotten my prune juice or som'at.

I haven't read too far back, but just curious -- what courses are giving you the most grief?

9:35 AM

Blogger Loki said...

Colour theory; the lecturer piles one thing after another and plus she's a wench that critises EVERYTHING! Gaaah!

10:38 AM

Anonymous mick said...

seems to be that way with some artists.

i know a few who can never seem to find the beauty that is all around them -- it they didn't make it, or it isn't how they would do it, then it "sucks" or is "awful". at the bare, they have to make sure to tell you how it could be improved...

being a writer and musician for as long as I have, i've run into a number of people who don't understand explorations. perhaps what i do doesn't follow convention, but i'm playing around, trying to see what works for me and what doesn't. some is good and some is bad. do i want to be told how to improve it? not usually, because i am already pretty certain what is flawed.

that's why, when I emcee'd an open mike series at a coffee shop a few years ago, i invited everyone, denied none, and found something positive to say after every performer. sometimes it was a struggle, but usually at least one aspect of their performance had some good or amazing quality about it.

sounds like the witch (spelled with a capital B) who hasn't learned how many great artists are out there. or, she knows and wants to hold them back so she can justify her own position.

had a chem professor who wanted people to worship him in that way, so its not just art.

good luck. smile and shove needles into voodoo dolls -- that's my recommendation. if nothing else, it fulfills the need for a fantasy, but you never know when it might work.... ;)

8:21 PM


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Monday, June 05, 2006

Downward Spiral

I'm thinking of throwing the towel and dropping out of college. I am quite sick of it and plus one of my parents of course don't approve of such a move being taken but little does she know that:

1. This is my life, not hers
2. She can't hold on to the foolish notion forever that just because you get out after uni or tafe or wherever it does mean you're going to be a success in the first place
3. She should know that Tafe is non-compulsory education, therefore I can't forced to do it.

I'm walking with no latern, that's how I feel at the moment, so empty that it isn't funny either.


Blogger Jonas said...

Stay in TAFE... I didn't... I'm not sure what the moral of this story was supposed to be.

8:37 AM


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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ah Yes, There Will Be Blood

On Monday a few days back, I went on to draw my logotype design on the grey lino we got given courtesy of the lecturer to turn into a big stamp for the ancient wooden pressing machine in a room a few walks away from us. To my annoyance, the process of carving from lino can be a bit of a bitch because there are factors to considered such as the size of the tool you're using to the depth of the "digging" and "tunneling" process, being monkey-mimic me, I followed what the lecturer was doing to his little lino-piece and started to dig, but before that happened, the-not-so-brightest-lightbulb in the room squeaked in terror and nearly forbade me from beginning my first lino-cut piece due to her fear of me cutting myself, therefore bleeding and triggering the not-so-bright (and hell squeamish) lightbulb in the room to faint after just seeing a mere drop of blood, like what happened last week. I got myself cut three times at different spots on the same right hand index finger and other time on the same hand at the thumb, which isn't a major biggy thanks to the Student Services Desk, who were very kind to provide me with basic first aid in the means of giving away free bandages :) when I stood there and watched as my appendages bled on the white desk as I waited for their attention.


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Friday, May 12, 2006

I Call This A Face! Do You?

I returned for Friday's first class for the sake of having a sleepy class on a Friday which is the virtual start of the weekend for the rest of us lazy college sloths. Anyway, I've been updated on the fact that we now are doing portraits of each other as opposed to doing the same nude model drawings again and again which is quite repetitive :( I got my portrait of Rina (no, not Franz, someone else) done apart from the shading which I'll do at a later time. Before I did that, I had quite a hard time getting the framework and proportions right for this just to start it. I looked at everyone else's work too as I relaxed and walked around the room. Rory's portrait of the guy he was doing (I can't seem to remember his name) looked like a cross between Yoda and Mace Windu, WTF!? I was thinking, now that guy draws and comes up with something else entirely! I ended up getting a lot of help from Jay the Drawing Meister because my proportioning and shading skills suck so bad :( He said that it's good to get into the habit of doing a self portrait of yourself because your face and style of drawing changes over the years. Christine the Mediator didn't turn up, I was wondering why she didn't. Afterwards, I spent a couple of hours looking for my twin sister, who didn't wait for me! The wench! I tried the Admin center in her tafe building, but it wasn't much help; the lady was being a prick, so I thought: Stuff this for a bloody lark! I'm going home!


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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Screwed Up Return, No. 2

I returned to tafe after suffering from a lot of work completion and to submit work and also getting over a depressing mind-funk from having an overdose of doubt of which I'm pretty much over right now. I've started submitting stuff again for both ReAKT! Magazine (this month or the next, because of the bi-monthly thing going on) and of course for Symphony-Fragments of which I'll be submitting tidbits from Von Die Fesseln Von Versklavung Zu... (From The Chains Of Enslavement To...) just keep the thing breathing. I'm deciding whether or not I should keep The Phonetographs moving or not due to the lack of posting there lately or move it to this account if possible just to keep it. Apparently not much is going on in terms of tafe because of the Easter/Anzac/Non-Contact and the then-unknown Lecturer's Training Day thingy (notification thanks to the last lecturer for Friday's class, Brendan Hibbert and Kurt Fischer (who I rang) from Monday's class telling me that it was a virtual holiday and "not to bother" coming down, but it's still project week for us. Kevin Mack was in hospital yesterday when I got down to his first class. I didn't get any more information from my fellow students about it, or Jay for that matter. I just got back from driving and I listened with interest and tried to restrain from giggling as he told me about the time when he tried pigeon pie. I would like to try but the Bird Flu Scare prevents people from doing such a thing freely these days I'm afraid. On a more serious note, what the hell is happening with our beloved education system? I'm thinking that thanks to that Ravlich woman, the OBE system is starting to get really screwy and I think the kiddly-winks from year seven will be shoved unwillingly straight to year 8, which is a high school year which is downright bogus! The People From Up On High are really starting to "fuck the system" now, eep!


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Monday, April 24, 2006

The Screwed Up Return

There was a minority of the class members returning to this week's tafe for Monday because I found out later that the majority of our lecturers had a training thing going on so that's why our first and second class lecturers didn't turn up, which made me a bit miffed, because I wanted to hand in both my PowerPoint presentation and 1000 word report to go with it to get the assignment over and done with. I found out about this as I walked off campus thanks to my second-session lecturer for Friday's class and from the remaining students' word of mouth. I went to the comic shop and virtually drained their back-issue supply of Star Wars Tales :P and checked up on my order (Rozen Maiden #1) and stopped over at the train station's newsagency to buy the latest issue of Time magazine before jumping on the train bound for Kelmscott. Basically, my Monday return in a nutshell :P


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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Absence De La Prison... Au Moins Pour Tandis Que

We were very lucky today, especially me because I got the majority of my work marked off for the second class with the same lecturer of the first class with my projects and all, and plus the holiday season (albeit a short one, mind you) starts for us tomorrow because of having no classes at all tomorrow, the Easter season coming and non-contact week for week 11 for hour whole class, yes!! I would be able to finish off a few things during the break and have a decent weeks' worth of rest for once instead of being in that rather blocky institution for five days with not much people to talk to because the majority keep to themselves, with isn't very nice in my opinion. During the holiday season I do hope to catch up with some friends of mine who I haven't seen much of lately because of different Tafe courses and campuses.


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